Trident Group | 2016 | 8 weeks

Corporate website design for Trident Group, a manufacturer and supplier of textiles, to reinvent their brand story.


Redesigning the corporate website to give a holistic overview of the organisation, featuring more than just their products.


Redesign and development of the website to be more up to date in content and to improve the visual design.

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I studied the various departments and their impact levels at the organisation and shortlisted the following as essential in the overview of Trident Group:

1. Products: Bed and Bath linen, Paper, Chemicals and Energy. 2. Strong corporate social responsibility(CSR) practices
3. Awards and accolades
4. In-campus Graduate teaching program

Adapting a long-scroll parallax structure, I added these to the homepage, each with a call to action (CTA) button leading to its respective page.


I started creating wireframes keeping in mind templatization of different pages so that the user are able to navigate with ease. The whole website is rich in imagery keeping the website vibrant, even though the content is text-heavy.

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trident wireframes-01.png


I categorised the different sections according to an impact analysis shared by the organisation. The three categories were Homepage Menu, Internal Pages and Footer Menu. 

trident sitemap.png

I developed the sitemap based on the above classification, to be able to add the navigatory system for the users to explore each section. It can be found in the footer of the homepage.

trident color-01.jpg




I used InVision to share early prototypes with the chairman, some of which proved too dynamic for his expectation. The website needed to be more formal and the early approach of the jagged grid was discarded.

V 2 (2).gif (3).gif

V 1

V 1

V 1

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Text-heavy sections were cut by full-bleed images used in parallax, helped to break the monotony.

I collected and curated the content from each team, had it vetted by a representative and relayed it to the developers in the form of wireframes and ui flows.


A one-spot overview of all the main functions of the brand.


The organisation's main focus on their sustainable practices was highlighted through a separate page dedicated to past victories.


Each product page had the same sections including introduction, product range, clients and the branch at which it is manufactured.

The same grid was used across

• Bed & Bath Linen

• Paper

• Chemicals

• Energy 

• Yarn


The organisation's milestones from 1985, in a timeline format that overlay when pulled down from the top.



The development was a collaborative process between me and an outsourced team of developers. As the only designer on the project, I worked remotely with them to get the website coded. I shared the wireframes to test feasibility, and then the interfaces. This process often looked like a lot of to and fro where I marked details and iterations on each page at many levels of development. 

This project also enabled me to work across disciplines, like photography and management. I organized and directed photoshoots with professional photographers to refresh the brand imagery. I collaborated with representatives from each department of the organisation to screen and update the content. Some of the images used on the website are clicked by me during factory visits.





The visit has been live since 2017 and has undergone

updations for new content by other designers.

Visit website here:


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