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Classroom Project | Solo | Two Months

A custom collection to complement the social lifestyle of an urbane couple.


To create a one-of-its-kind collection, which stands out even when merely on display as well as while using. The product could be a collectible, telling a story of where it came from or how it was made, describing a memorable experience.


The serveware collection has seven pieces, which stack into each other to form a picturesque display, reminiscent of a memorable trip to the hills. The unusual form is a result of skilled manual craftsmanship and is hence a luxury collectible.

Having spent the summer in the majestic mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India, I was inspired by the manual steps sliced in the mountains giving each of them an identity of its own, much like thumbprints.


Raw, natural, uneven.

The hills and their multi-faceted nature provides infinite textures. Having formed naturally, these textures have in common rawness and abstraction, presented in an unrefined form. 


Stacking, layering, morphing, ascend, irregular, illusion, contour, non-uniform, unpredictable.


Each layer is different from the other, yet together they morph into a different form.


Borrowing from the unique identity of each step farm, I developed organic forms that complemented each other, while each product still had its individual identity. Serveware provided the generous opportunity to work with unusual forms without compromising the functionality.

Unconventional bulky and undulating walls causes the collection to be larger than regular serveware.


Designed to tackle that concern, each piece sits snugly in another, hence occupying less shelf space and presenting a spectacle of terraced hills.

The top view emphasises the harmony in the collection, with each product adding a non-uniform, yet coherent curve. The dip bowls sit on top closing the structure, hence preventing dust settlement during storage. 



The two bowls have undulating walls with ergonomic curves and standard serving areas. These are typically meant for smaller dry snacks for example, dry fruits, candy, etc.


The long platter is best suited for bite-sized snacks and the walls can be utilized for entrees mounted on sticks like kebabs or fruit sticks. The single dip bowl dismounts from top of the stack to fit in the cavity on the platter.


The large platter is essentially for appetizers that are served in larger quantities. There are two dip bowls to fit in the cavities on this platter. These cavities may also be used to hold the platter more firmly. 

Both the platters have subtly elevated base walls. It provides enough space for picking up the platters.


Long Platter

Large Platter

A significant attribute of this collection is its production process. The story of handcrafting each piece ensures the exclusive value of this collection. Chiselled out of natural wood logs, the pieces were finessed until the stack was stably circumstanced. Non-toxic polish was coated in the serving areas to avoid the wood from spoiling when used.



This collection is a conversation starter owing to its innovative form and therefore, perfect for social gatherings of the assumed consumer. It is a memoir of the consumers’ exotic experiences and preferences.

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